Below are the readings required for the course, in alphabetical order.  More may be added. For instructions on how to write a decent annotation summary for your AnnotationLog, as well to see a sample annotation, please refer to Cornell’s Library webpage on the subject.  As you can see from their instructions and sample, your annotation summaries should be between 4-8 sentences.

P = Printing Required, A = Annotation Required

*     *     *     *     *
Ash, Alec. Interview with A.C. Grayling.

Aristotle, excerpts from Nicomachean Ethics

—. On Rhetoric. Trans. W. Rhys Roberts. [A]

Bizzell, Patricia and Bruce Herzberg.  The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present. 2nd ed.  Boston: Bedford St. Martin’s. 19-41.  (2009). Print.  [P, A]

#1: 19-41.

Bogaev, Barbara. Marketplace Interview of Chip and Dan Heath. [recording]

Burton, Gideon O.  Silva Rhetoricae.  Brigham Young University. Web.

Cicero, The Tusculan Disputations, Book V: XVII, XXVIII

Epictetus. The Enchiridion.

Epicurus. Principle Doctrines.

Gorgias. Encomium of Helen. Trans. Brian Donovan. [P, A]

Hiller, Mark.  ”A Brief Summary of Classical Rhetoric.”  Harvard Rhetorical Society.  Harvard University.  Web.  *.doc  [P]

Isocrates. Against the Sophists[P, A]

Myers, David. “The Secret to Happiness

Olson, Annie.  “An Introduction to Rhetoric.” Class Resources.  Le Tourneau University.  Web.

Plato. The Allegory of the Cave (Book VII of The Republic).  Trans. Benjamin Jowett.  Steven Kreis’ History Guide.  Web.  [P, A]

Plato. Gorgias.  Trans. by Benjamin Jowett. [P, A]

Plato. Symposium. Trans. Benjamin Jowett. [P*, A] *Note: You are only required to print the portion you are presenting on, although I’d recommend printing all of it for ease of annotation.

Quintilian. Institutio Oratoria, Book 2, chapter 20 & 21

Sharpe and Schwartz.  “What Hairdressers Can Teach Us About Practical Wisdom.Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to do the Right Thing. Sussex, LLC: Psychology Today.  Web.  [A]

“The Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine: A Heuristic for the Uncertain.” Center for Academic Excellence.  Occidental College.  Web. [P]

Stedman, Kyle.  “Annoying Ways People Use Sources.”  Writing Spaces.

Steup, Matthias.  “Epistemology.”  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  Edward N Zalta (ed.).  (Winter 2013 Edition)   Web.